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Build Life Skills with Less Stress

Our community-powered app automates learning critical tasks like getting dressed and doing chores for more independent living.

  • No more nagging and frustration
  • Fun, rewarding app for the entire family
  • Great for kids with developmental disabilities or executive functioning challenges
“Life Sherpa has been a great resource to help teach new skills to our daughter and maintain skills over time. It allows us to help her stay on a routine with more independence and success.”


"As a 24 year old with Asperger's Syndrome, Life Sherpa helps me keep up with my routines."


"Not only does this app help my son gain independence, but it also provides me the ability to track the completion progress of his routines on my own phone, giving me peace of mind. Thank you, Life Sherpa, for motivating my son and for allowing me to feel more like a coach and cheerleader instead of a constant nag."


“My kid learned how to shave and properly make his bed within two weeks”


“Life Sherpa gives parents peace of mind to know that routines are being completed”


“My daughter just got her first cavity free dental check up, we credit Sherpa for her improvement in hygiene”


“The reminders from Sherpa are enough to prompt the right behavior and allow the family to focus on other things”


“My son now gets to the school bus on time”


“Reduced reminders and nagging from both of us has lowered tension in the family”


"Thanks for allowing us to try Life Sherpa. We love it!"



Teaches and Manages Life Skills for a
Happier Household!

  • Accelerates progress with a step-by-step approach that keeps kids learning and mastering essential tasks
  • Kid-centric visual/touch approach consistently reminds, reinforces and rewards the right behaviors
  • Coordinates the community of therapists, teachers–the full support circle–to motivate and applaud progress

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