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What Does Life Sherpa Provide?

Working with behavioral therapists, Doug and his team were able to distill the complex principles of established behavioral change techniques into three, simple practices: remind, reinforce and reward (the 3Rs!).

But the key to the 3Rs is consistently and ubiquitously applying them in context. So the next step was to figure out how to drive home the 3Rs with the help of others who play role in our kids’ lives.

Life Sherpa uses the power of everyday mobile technology to make it possible to create a connected support community and consistently apply the 3Rs. Smartphones/watches and tablets — with their visual and touch interface —are the perfect assistive technology for kids with developmental disabilities.

The Life Sherpa experience is customized for each child and each success builds the progression needed to launch as an independent adult.

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Educational Organizations

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For Students with IDD

  • Organizations that represent $27B of the $200B spent on treating behavioral and mental health in the US
  • Large/mid-size organizations that treat/guide/manage those with executive functioning challenges
  • 5-10% is spent on technology and curriculum

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