Case Study: PHILLIPS

  • Private non-profit that serves 500+ children at campuses in DC area (expanding to Loudoun)
  • Nationally acclaimed for innovative programs that help those with emotional/behavioral challenges
  • Take a customized approach to each child that engages the child’s support eco-system
  • Using Life Sherpa to scale programs that teach:
  • Life Skills - Lunch preparation, etc.
  • Vocational Skills – Food Bank, Animal Shelter
  • Looking to expand use of technology like Life Sherpa across their curriculum
iphones image from website

"PHILLIPS is delighted to partner with Life Sherpa and their newly developed app to support independence for youth with behavioral health needs served by PHILLIPS in their work place. The Life Sherpa app empowers our transitioning youth with executive functioning needs with the tools they need to navigate the work site successfully reducing the need for a job coach. The app provides real time data, prompts, and reinforcers for the youth, and to their multi disciplinary school team. Leveraging technology with the use of the Life Sherpa app allows youth to take charge and experience a successful employment experience. This is exciting!"

Piper Phillips Caswell

President & CEO, PHILLIPS Programs for Children and Families

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