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Life Sherpa is a cloud-based, life and job skills training and management platform that helps organizations scale their neurodiversity employment programs. Whether your a training organization, an employer or an independent living facility, let us show you how Life Sherpa could work for you.

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“Life Sherpa has allowed us to help students gain more independence in their life by using the app in conjunction with staff instruction to help with Executive Functioning deficits. Using the Life Sherpa data in conjunction with their teaching has given the staff greater opportunities to teach a skill and deepen their interactions.”

Ric Kienzle

Director, College Living Experience - Rockville

"PHILLIPS is delighted to partner with Life Sherpa and their newly developed app to support independence for youth with behavioral health needs served by PHILLIPS in their work place. The Life Sherpa app empowers our transitioning youth with executive functioning needs with the tools they need to navigate the work site successfully reducing the need for a job coach. The app provides real time data, prompts, and reinforcers for the youth, and to their multi disciplinary school team. Leveraging technology with the use of the Life Sherpa app allows youth to take charge and experience a successful employment experience. This is exciting!"

Piper Phillips Caswell

President & CEO, PHILLIPS Programs for Children and Families

“The Life Sherpa platform provides clinicians with a versatile and flexible tool that can be incorporated into treatment protocols to address complex and challenging client goals and, as a result, will help us scale our business while continuing to provide high quality, individualized services.”

Barbara Kaminski, PhD BCBA

D Clinical Director Green Box ABA, PLLC

"Life Sherpa shows great promise as a solution to problems faced by our staff related to consistency, reinforcement and data collection.”

Abe Rafi

Director of Digital Strategy & Online Services, The Arc

“Life Sherpa addresses behavior ‘generalization’ that is key to promoting independence so the child can master skills they can use for the remainder of their lives!”

Jill Austin

Behavioral Therapist, M.ed, BCBA

"Too often, even the best interventions don't generate the desired outcomes because they just aren't used consistently by everyone educating and caring for the child. Life Sherpa makes consistency so much simpler to achieve.”

Bob Cunningham

Head of School, Robert Louis Stevenson School

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