Use Case: College Living Experience


College Living Experience (CLE) is the industry’s leading provider of post-secondary supports for young adults with learning differences. Dedicated to providing the highest quality of services, CLE strives to propel young adults toward success as they journey through their transition to independence. CLE students pursue their academic program or career of interest while also receiving services across the domains of independent living and social skill development.

CLE has centers on college campuses in Austin, TX, Washington DC, Costa Mesa, CA, Denver, CO, Monterey, CA and Fort Lauderdale, FL.



Young adults with learning difficulties typically have executive functioning challenges related to basic living skills that can impede their progress. As part of the CLE program, students live independently in housing near a college campus. Getting students awake and ready for transportation to attend their morning classes is often challenging. Typically a resident assistant (RA) knocks on doors and goes through a check list with each student. This process is labor intensive, hard to scale and does not allow staff to focus on those that need the most help.


Leverage the ubiquity of smartphones to provide a “virtual coach” that helps students complete their morning routines and get to their classes on time. Life Sherpa was installed on each student’s phone and configured with a routine that automatically starts at pre-determined “wake-up” time. Through prompts on their phone, the routine guides students through the necessary steps, including hygiene and taking medications, to get ready for the day.

The process is managed by the RA who can view student progress in real time on a dashboard that aggregates the status and progress of all students that are using Life Sherpa. The RA can track each student via a state bar view, receive status updates from students (e.g., Sick Not at Home, etc), contact students via Life Sherpa and add notes regarding the students progress. Data is captured on each students’ performance in real time and is used by CLE to manage the students through the process.


  • Front line staff has real-time visibility into student status no matter where students are and can quickly identify those that need specific help.
  • Students with challenges remembering key steps now receive automatic reminders and reinforcement to help them get ready in the morning and complete all tasks.
  • Academic counselors can easily see historical data and trends to help them track overall student performance and design more customized programs.

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