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How DXC Dandelion Extends Their Reach

DXC Dandelion Program Extends Reach with Life Sherpa CHALLENGE Provide high levels of remote support to improve workplace integration and inclusivity for neurodiverse people. SOLUTION Life Sherpa assistive technology platform RESULTS Scalable solution that virtually delivers executive functioning and mental health support to help neurodiverse talent succeed. “Using Life Sherpa, I was able to support […]

College Living Experience

Customer Success Story Provide remote support to further help students learn how to live on their own, achieve academic success, and develop a career. Independent Living/Academic support delivered by LifeSherpa on each student’s smartphone. Scalable, remote support tool provides 24/7 skill-building guidance and enables staff to focus on those that need extra assistance. “LifeSherpa is […]

How Best Buddies Advances New Model for Independent Living

Best Buddies launched the Living program in 2019 to elevate their mission of meeting the need for inclusion. The program is the first of its kind. It combines true authentic inclusion in a residential living environment that fosters independence, lifechanging relationships, and professional growth. The program matches people with and without IDD and provides a […]