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Short on staff? 
Need more bandwidth to support clients, students or employees?
Want to make sure off-site people feel like they’re part of the team?

LifeSherpa can help. Our scalable platform makes remote support and related business processes better, faster, and simpler. Versatile and configurable, LifeSherpa works as a force multiplier, extending and optimizing your support resources.

We have 5 years of experience helping organizations improve efficiency.

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The LifeSherpa Approach

LifeSherpa combines mobility and personalization with your processes and content to build an interactive support structure, and force multiplier, that optimizes your effectiveness. Learn more about our unique platform.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about LifeSherpa

LifeSherpa is a remote support platform designed to help employers and service organizations reach, teach, and engage more people, more efficiently and effectively, by centralizing and delivering training tools and videos, reminders, reinforcements, self-help resources, and private communications on an individual’s mobile device.

LifeSherpa is the only platform that gives organizations the ability to adapt and tailor their content, deliver it 1:1, and scale their operations. The platform enables a myriad of support approaches and content to be centralized and branded, personalized and provided on an individual’s smart phone.
The support experience is customized at the organizational and individual level, key factors to engagement and success. Organizations also gain visibility and performance metrics to better manage individuals and teams.

We’re proud of the results our customers and clients see with our platform. The proof is in our pilot program. Contact us to learn more.

LifeSherpa can be customized to meet an organization’s specific needs. That’s why our first step is a needs assessment: to understand your concerns and the scope of the support experience you want to provide. Based on your information and goals, pricing falls into one these categories:

Pilot program: a minimum of 5 and maximum of 10 clients/ employees for a 30-60 day program is recommended. Pilot programs are free to qualified non-profit organizations.

SaaS license: for organizations, monthly license fees start at $500 per month for  10 clients or employees.

Implementation/training:  based on your needs. Hourly rates typically apply.

Custom development: based on specific needs. 

Customized pricing plans:  available to large organizations and distributors interested in creating a white label version of LifeSherpa. For more info, complete the Get in Touch form.

Individual plans: coming soon. Sign up to learn more when these plans become available. Click here and complete the Get in Touchform now.

Request a personal demo You can get answers to your questions and see how LifeSherpa can work for you.

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See how LifeSherpa works as force multiplier so you can:

  • Extend your resources and provide a better support experience
  • Empower managers, clients, and employees to achieve more
  • Deliver customized support with no heavy lifting

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    “LifeSherpa boosts engagement and optimizes our resources.