Job Coaching

Get more done in less time

Have clients who need an extra push to complete tasks?
Wish you could fit in more daily touchpoints?
Want to spend less time tracking program performance?

The LifeSherpa Remote Support Platform increases your productivity and reach.

By centralizing, customizing, and delivering scheduled activities, reminders, self-help resources, and private communications on each client’s mobile device, LifeSherpa enables job coaches to:

Engage more clients with better results
Put resume, interviewing and job development tools at client’s fingertips
Increase visibility with real-time status and client metrics

3-Way Benefits

Job Coach

New efficiency creating and implementing client plans
More client engagement and better results
Automatic tracking and reporting of client progress


One-click access to how-to resources, videos, and self-help tools
Customized activities, ongoing reminders & reinforcements directly to smart phone
Objective metrics for assessing progress and making improvements


Distributed support model for managing 1:1s and teams
Extends coaches’ reach and capacity
Real-time, consistent data for measuring coaching and program performance

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See how LifeSherpa works as force multiplier so you can:

  • Extend your resources and provide a better support experience
  • Empower managers, clients, and employees to achieve more
  • Deliver customized support with no heavy lifting

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