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The Not-So-Secret Secret for Solving the Talent Shortage

April 23, 2021

Until now, companies have been stuck between a rock and a hard place.

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GMU Life Sherpa Research Study

May 29, 2019

Study suggests Life Sherpa promotes workplace independence.

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Dandelion/Life Sherpa Press Release

May 28, 2019

DXC Dandelion Program partners with Life Sherpa

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2018 Dandelion Program Review

May 27, 2019

DXC Technology 2018 Dandelion Program Review

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Australian Government Plan to Support People with Disabilities

May 26, 2019

DXC Dandelion program to be used by Australian government

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Mason Life Research Study Announcement

May 25, 2019

The Mason Life program receives funding to test Life Sherpa

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Technology Bringing Independence to Learning-Impaired Adults

May 24, 2019

Life Sherpa is featured in a video by Western Digital

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Life Sherpa Takes Life One Step at a Time

May 23, 2019

Life Sherpa helps those with cognitive challenges

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