Employment Support

Effectively manage employees at multiple locations

Remote staff supervision eating up too much time?
Want to ensure that off-site workers feel like they’re part of the team?
Looking to boost employee retention?

The LifeSherpa Remote Support Platform makes virtually managing employees efficient and effective

By centralizing, customizing, and delivering scheduled activities, reminders, self-help tools, and private communications on each employee’s mobile device, LifeSherpa gives your organization the ability to:

Manage and engage individuals and teams like you’re sitting with them
Increase proactive communications, reinforcements and feedback
Improve job performance for employees and managers

3-Way Benefits


Gets more done, with the same amount of effort in less time, with better results
Reduces 1:1 prompting; boosts employee engagement and independence
Tracks employee productivity data automatically to inform progress and feedback


Has instant access to live help, support, and how-to guidance
Gets personalized activities, reminders, and reinforcements directly on smartphone
Receives impartial feedback regularly for self-assessment and improvement


Gains force multiplier that expands staff capabilities and productivity
Extends program support and employee touchpoints
Automatically monitors and reports on managers and employee performance

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See how LifeSherpa works as force multiplier so you can:

  • Extend your resources and provide a better support experience
  • Empower managers, clients, and employees to achieve more
  • Deliver customized support with no heavy lifting

Get answers to your questions in a 20-minute, live demo. And find out if LifeSherpa is right for you.

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    “Great tool for our participants, and for optimizing our resources and effectiveness.”

    Caitlyn Pace, Program Supervisor, Jobs, Best Buddies