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Our Leaders and Advisors


Doug Meeker, CEO

Doug is an accomplished digital media and technology veteran with a broad range of experience in sales, marketing and operations for co.’s including AOL, Best Software and Gannett. Doug’s passion is centered helping those with developmental disabilities overcome life’s challenges. He is the father of a son with Autism.

Michael Renner, CTO

Michael is an experienced digital technology executive, entrepreneur and “intraprenuer,” having built numerous rapid-growth technology companies and organizations. As a leader in digital product development and technology operations he has been instrumental in advancing the digital fortunes of numerous companies including PBS, Thomson Publishing, Digex, 3Pillar Global, Windward, and GEICO.

Cindy Breed, CFO

Cindy brings extensive experience in leadership and senior executive roles having served as President, Chief Financial Officer and Vice President of Operations for companies including Thomson Publishing, UtraDara, Windward and Intertek. Her range of experience includes start-ups through public companies in the software, financial services, manufacturing, and professional services industries.

Larry Simpson, Strategic Advisor

Larry has over 30 years as a business leader having served as an entrepreneur, executive, investor, and Board member.

Industry Experts

Jillian Austin, M.Ed. BCBA

Ms. Austin has been in the Special Education field for over 15 years. She received her Master of Education (specializing in Special Education grades K-12) from James Madison University along with a degree in Psychology. Ms. Austin has her BCBA and is licensed to teach in Virginia.

Michelle Carney, BCBA

Ms. Carney graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from West Chester University. After receiving her Master’s Degree, she moved to Virginia to supervise an ABA pilot program. Ms. Carney has trained in several social skills programs and is a former RDI® consultant. Ms. Carney specializes in IEP support, Social Thinking® and Behavior Intervention Plans.

Sharon K. Weiss, M.Ed. Author

Ms. Weiss is a nationally known behavioral consultant in private practice in Northern Virginia. Her areas of expertise include parent and staff training in behavior management and crisis intervention. She has worked as a teacher of special needs children, program coordinator and supervisor of behavioral intervention programs for behavior disordered children.

Tammy Ferraco, M.Ed. BCBA

Ms. Ferraco graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a Masters of Science degree in Applied Developmental Psychology in 2007. Her program design focused on supporting those with Asperger’s Syndrome in the areas of social skills and emotions. Ms. Ferraco has worked with children with emotional/behavioral disorders for over 15 years.