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Disability Support Automation for

Support Professionals Job Coaches Occupational Therapists HSOs

LifeSherpa automates disability support for service organizations, enhancing their capacity, reducing overhead, and improving client outcomes.

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By leveraging private text and video messaging, automatic reminders, and increased process visibility, support professionals can enhance client relationships through remote support and personalized interactions.


LifeSherpa’s remote support features aim to streamline operations and reduce overhead for support professionals by providing flexibility, minimizing commute stress, and fostering seamless collaboration with clients.


Built with complete customization capabilities, support professionals can tailor the platform to each client’s unique needs and program requirements, fostering greater client confidence and independence.

Empowering Support

LifeSherpa helps support professionals elevate the client experience with technology, creating more bandwidth and engagement, while reducing burnout and wasted time.

  • Private Text and Video Messaging
  • Ongoing Reminders
  • Real-time Status Updates
  • Specialized Dashboards
  • User-friendly Messaging

Leading Administrators To Success

LifeSherpa helps Human Service Organizations motivate their teams, while also providing them with unique insights to scale their current operations and process.

  • Expand Capacity
  • Higher Performance Visibility
  • Lower Staff Turnover
  • Increase Retention
  • Improve Client Independence

Better Outcomes For The Client

LifeSherpa focuses on guiding individuals to build structure and generalize activities, further helping them to:

  • Embody Self-Determination
  • Enhance Quality of Life
  • Empower Independence

“LifeSherpa is a fantastic tool that helps my clients embody self-determination, enchance their quality of life, and empower independece!”

Support professional involved in work performance study

“Until now, support systems haven’t gone past the four walls”

Michael Fieldhouse, Technology Executive

“LifeSherpa helps us address complex and challenging goals and scale our business.”

PhD BCBA, D Clinical Director

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See how LifeSherpa works as force multiplier so you can:

  • Expand Capacity
  • Gain Higher Performance Visibility
  • Lower Staff Turnover
  • Increase Retention
  • Improve Client Independence